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pioneer x-creative
pioneer x-creative
pioneer x-creative
pioneer x-creative
pioneer x-creative

pioneer x-creative

€ 770.00 incl BTW
€ 636.36 excl. BTW (21%)

The Pioneer X has been designed to be the wheel that enters you into the world of Majacraft. Yet we have been careful not to compromise the quality and functionality that wheels are renowned for. As with all Majacraft wheels, most accessories will fit on the Pioneer. You can add specialist spinning equipment if you wish to pursue different styles of spinning. It has a wide range of ratios, a round orifice fine flyer and easy to use Scotch Tension system.

The Pioneer X is constructed using solid American Ash that is both attractive and very durable. It comes finished with a clear lacquer.

The effortless double treadle spinning allows you to spin for long periods of time with no discomfort. The pedal position has been ergonomically designed to fit you comfortably. If you want to start spinning with Majacraft then the Pioneer X is the wheel for you.

We have also included a special handle that is integrated into the stem to make it simple to move around. It flips out to allow you to pick up the wheel and then easily folds away again when not in use.

The Pioneer X has lovely flowing lines in the design of the pedals and base. The drive wheel has an American Ash veneer on MDF that provides a solid wood appearance while utilising the stability and density of MDF to ensure your wheel spins smoothly and lasts well.

Some of the features of the Pioneer X are:

double heel and toe treadling
comes with three (3) plastic bobbins
frictionless ball bearings
round orifice fine flyer
folding carry handle embedded in the stem
maintainance-free drive band
super smooth bobbins
five ratios available on each pulley

We also offer a version of the Pioneer that is unfinished. This is designed to provide the opportunity for spinners to unleash their creativity and decorate their Pioneer X in their own unique style.

It comes with all the same accessories as the Pioneer X but will become your own one of a kind wheel!

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