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wildcarder 72 ppi

wildcarder 72 ppi

€ 417.00 incl BTW
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De Wild Drum Carder is special ontworpen voor hedendaagse leuke speciale fantasiegarens. Creeer unieke blends door het toevoegen van vezels, stoffen, linten, veren, kamlingen, cocons, papier en meer….. Verstelbare borstel extra lange 72 ppsi tanden.
Verstelbare drum 6:1 ratio.
Kaard breedte 15cm.
Bats van 40 gram.
Gewicht 3,5kg
Gemonteerd en gelakt.

Make unique blends for art yarn
- adjustable packer brush
- extra long 72ppsi teeth
- adjustable drum clearance
- lacquered and assembled
- cleaning brush, clamps and awl included
- cards up to 40gm fibre
The Wild carder has been specifically designed for today’s fabulous, fun and funky art yarns. The extra long 72ppsi teeth allow you to include differing fibres, fabric, ribbons, feathers, paper and novelties to create unique blends. The packer brush is adjustable and will control fine, low-crimp fibres and increase the size of the batt. The drum clearance is also adjustable which allows you to set the teeth distance for total control of your fibre.
All nylon bearings ensure it is light and easy to turn. The card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing for long life.
The doffer and cleaning brush are stored on the carder. The carder is strong but lightweight with hand hold for easy carrying. The carder has rubber feet to prevent it slipping. It comes assembled and lacquered ready to use.

Batt size 60 x 10cm (24 x 4ins)
Makes up to 40gm (1½ozs)
Weight only 3.5kg (7½lbs)"

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